Blood of Ukrainians is on Putin’s hands

The world needs to remember that the Russian president honed his skills within the communist structure of the KGB and is now using them to further his autocratic style of government through, as George Will correctly points out, “censorship, corruption, brutality, oppression and assassination.” Vladimir Putin’s actions are nothing short of the same Russian propaganda machine that Nikita Khrushchev ran in the ’50s and ’60s and that Putin himself was involved in as a KGB lieutenant colonel in the early ’90s.

Ukraine declared its independence in 1991, but Putin has never conceded Ukraine’s sovereignty. As the Russian president seeks to establish what he has called, “a new Eurasian Union to rival the European Union and NATO,” it becomes clear that he will never give up attempting to gain control of Ukraine.

Today, the people of Ukraine are fighting and dying because Putin’s Kremlin is against Ukraine’s European aspirations and is again attempting to force political and economic association with Ukraine. Last month, 88 heroic lives were lost while fighting for basic constitutional rights to support democratic values, human rights and dignity. The blood of these heroes is on the hands of Putin and Ukraine’s corrupt, Russian-backed former dictator.

The Ukrainian community in Buffalo believes these heroes did not die in vain. They gave their lives for the freedom of their beloved country. As is sung in the opening words of the Ukrainian national anthem: “Ukraine has not yet died. Glory to the heroes!”

Mike Liwicki

Ukrainian Cultural Center Dnipro

Ukrainian-American Civic Center

Orchard Park