Black baseball star is finally getting props

I read with great interest Eva Doyle’s excellent article about Frank Grant, an African-American baseball star who played for the Buffalo Bisons and is now properly enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. I was amazed to discover that Grant grew up in my hometown of Pittsfield, Mass. Pittsfield is a sports hotbed that has sent several players to the major leagues, and they have become sports heroes and role models for Pittsfield youth.

As a boy, I was told of the exploits of the Pittsfield Graylocks, Grant’s team, but not a word was said about Grant, who now must be considered Pittsfield’s most distinguished athlete. Grant had been tragically erased from sports history, becoming, to use Ralph Ellison’s metaphor, an “invisible man.”

I want to thank Doyle for helping to restore Grant to full visibility, where he can now serve as one of our country’s sports heroes.

Bob Butler