Bishop spoke the truth on Kennedy’s flip-flop

Bishop Richard Malone’s statement about Sen. Timothy Kennedy’s flip-flop position from pro-life to pro-choice may be unprecedented by a Buffalo bishop but I applaud him for it. Life issues are tantamount to living an authentic Catholic faith. Social issues are important but they do not supersede life issues. A “practicing Catholic” upholds the right to life from conception until natural death and many Christians voted for Kennedy because he professed those beliefs as well.

Malone courageously spoke the truth with charity and clarity, which his position calls him to do. When we are silent on moral issues, so as not to ruffle feathers, we allow our Christian beliefs to be oppressed. In January, thousands of pro-life people marched in Washington because they believe life has value. They did not do so to judge women but to save children. When we fail to defend the innocent, elderly and infirmed, we lose something important in our humanity and we become indifferent and detached. There is an oppressive darkness pervading humanity today, veiled in a cloak of relativism, championing a call for women’s rights. These “rights” allow the killing of babies by law. How can that ever be a good thing?

Dawn Curazzato