Bishop fulfilled duty to faithful Catholics

On countless occasions, words of thanks and praise are met with the words “I was only doing my job” by those who do truly courageous or heroic actions, whether military, medical, police, fire, civil disaster workers or mere passers-by who intervene to save life.

Buffalo Catholic Bishop Richard J. Malone was merely fulfilling his duty and obligation to teach and lead by not leaving unaddressed the public declaration of Sen. Tim Kennedy touting his now support of the continued theft of helpless life in the womb.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, like his father Mario, another self-proclaimed “Catholic,” along with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Brian Higgins, State Sen. Mark Grisanti and others, use the term “Catholic” as just another political trading card when convenient, but it is one’s actions that define a person’s character and faith – politician or not.

It was a cause of grave scandal to real Catholics when former Bishop Edward Kmiec condemned Deacon Thomas P. McDonnell for doing his duty to teach and preach Catholic teachings in church. Kmiec outraged many Catholics even further when he apologized for McDonnell’s preaching truth and doctrine.

For Malone to remain silent would have disillusioned those who actually live the Catholic faith. He just did his duty.

Stasia Zoladz Vogel, J.D.

President, Buffalo Regional

Right to Life Committee