Big dogs are friendlier than many small ones

Man’s best friend is not in the vocabulary of the majority of homeowners associations in Florida when it comes to large-breed dogs that are over the sacred threshold of 20 to 30 pounds. We have been looking for a winter retreat to either buy or lease. The problem is that Sadie, our Labradoodle, is not welcome. Sadie is well-behaved, does not shed and is certified non-aggressive, but she weighs 60 pounds.

It’s perfectly OK to have a yipper and nipper as long as it’s under that magic number. I feel each canine, large or small, should be judged on its own merit. Why single out large, friendly dogs when a nasty, snarly half pint is accepted? Seems to me large breeds are used as therapy and assist dogs for a reason – they are friendly. Why discriminate against them and the people who own them?

Mark Neupert