Behavior in Hamburg is an embarrassment

I am both disappointed and disgusted by the recent antics of members of the Hamburg Town Board at their meeting held Monday night. The faces have changed, but the results are the same. Pettiness, vindictiveness and nepotism were all on display once again.

I had hoped that with a new Democratic “majority” things might change for the better. If this meeting was any indication of the way things are to be run, then taxpayers of Hamburg can expect “business as usual.”

Maybe it’s the water at this particular end of Lake Erie, because the same traits of adults acting like children extend to the newly minted Hamburg School Board.

The behavior of elected officials in my adopted hometown has and continues to be an embarrassment to the good people who live here. The town motto “the town that friendship built” may have once had a ring of truth, but sadly, it no longer applies. The new motto should perhaps be “the town where partisan politics rules and the public interest be damned.”

Daniel Glowacki