Articles highlight contrasting values

I couldn’t help but notice two recent News articles – one extolling humanity, the other inhumanity. Donn Esmonde’s column spotlighted the hit-and-run death of Barry “Bob” Moss. The blatant inhumanity in striking another human being with a vehicle and not stopping is unconscionable. But realizing later what you did and still not turning yourself in is unimaginable. Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

And then there was the My View column in which Harvey Axlerod wrote tenderly of his Uncle Eugene, whom he never met. Eugene died at 10 years of age on May 30, 1914. Axlerod laments, rightly so, that “The loss of anyone is a loss to all mankind, even a little boy a century ago.”

What a comparison in values. One person can leave another to die on a highway and have no conscience. The other venerates an uncle he never met. So to you, Mr. Axlerod, mazel tov!

Joyce Majeski

Orchard Park