Arming more citizens will make society safer

The continuing plague of gun violence in our society demonstrates that liberals’ ideas about reducing access to firearms simply don’t work. The simple fact is that more guns equals more safety. In foreign policy, the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” illustrates that when all sides are armed with weapons of mass destruction, no weapons will ever be used. Similarly, arming more Americans deters would-be shooters from firing.

While liberals might concede to having an armed security guard in our schools, that’s merely one gun to protect hundreds of disarmed innocents. Not only should we guarantee that each school has multiple armed guards and metal detectors, but we should permit concealed carry for the children of responsible gun owners – trained, certified children who will be able to protect their classmates in the event of an incident. Further, we should institute armed guards and concealed carry in every mall, office, theater, sports arena, public bus and government building in America.

Finally, it is necessary to get big government out of our private lives. Repealing the tyrannical SAFE Act would be a great start. From there, we should do away with gun registries and background checks, which are not only unconstitutional infringements on our rights, but discourage responsible citizens from owning and using firearms. My hope is that true conservative leaders will stand up and embrace these needed reforms.

Chris Willett