America might benefit from two-state solution

In response to the recent “how much better we would be without Bush” missive, I would like us to imagine how much better we would have it in a two-presidency America.

Many in the world call for Israel to have a two-state solution with the Palestinians; why not our own “two-state” solution with a two-presidency America?

Since the 2000 elections, we have seen and heard people carp and complain about how things are in America, because their side lost the election. I and millions more would rather see a Mitt Romney presidency.

Lani Guinier proposed “proportional representation” some 20 years ago when President Bill Clinton was looking to put her in his administration. Why not proportional representation now?

Let those who voted for Barack Obama to be their president operate their affairs according to the Obama vision, and let those of us who voted for Romney operate our affairs according to the Romney vision. Let’s see, within the next three or so years, which presidency does the better job for its partisans.

Some countries have experimented with a two-leadership arrangement at one time or another; why not us, and why not now? There shouldn’t be any questions; let’s just do it.

Lloyd Marshall Jr.