Alternative energy must be a priority

The question often comes up as to why bother with alternative energy when we have so much natural gas and coal. Well, one rather awesome issue comes to mind. Millions of years ago, earth’s atmosphere was essentially methane, ammonia and carbon dioxide. There was no life. In the intervening time, nature has sequestered almost all of these harsh gasses – either as coal or oil and in underground and ocean-bound stores of methane. Ammonia has largely become atmospheric nitrogen. This transformation permits life as we know it.

Now we as a culture are hell bent on digging up all this stored carbon and burning it as fast as we can – ultimately returning earth to its primordial, life-hostile state. We need to stop this now. There are few alternatives that are better than wind and solar energy. They are essentially infinite in supply, inexhaustible and pollution free. It is therefore incumbent upon us to urge our public officials into action now. Not only locally, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo, too. There is no time to lose. We must fully develop these alternative sources as soon as possible. Western New York already has a head start on the wind energy front. Let’s get this moving and build more wind energy capacity!

Stephen R. Besch, Ph.D.