A&E is not obligated to endorse prejudice

I endorse the opinion of the Amherst letter writer “Duck Dynasty patriarch is entitled to his opinion.” I’d add just two points. First, Phil Robertson’s opinion is ludicrous, fact-free, disgusting neo-Confederate offal. (That’s my opinion, to which I am as entitled, as he is to his). And second, he’s not entitled to have some corporation pay him enormous sums of money for disseminating it to TV viewers who find it mindless and offensive.

So what’s the problem? Everyone entitled to voice an opinion and desirous of doing so gets to do that. And no one who doesn’t endorse self-righteous bigotry has to endorse it.

And, by the way, Merry Christmas to the patriarch, his benighted followers and everyone else, including the African-Americans and gays he despises.

Robert Knox Dentan