Accepting immigrants is Christian thing to do

As a Republican and a Christian, I embrace granting citizenship for all illegal immigrants. In the Bible, one of the first cases where a person of foreign status was threatened with harm occurred in the Book of Genesis. Lot, who was referred to as a righteous man foreign to the city where he resided, was threatened when he tried to protect two visiting messengers from an angry mob.

Many Christians forget that after the birth of Christ, Joseph was warned in a dream to flee into Egypt for protection. It’s too bad that there isn’t a special day in the Christian calendar to highlight the fact that Jesus crossed the border and became an illegal immigrant in Egypt, where he found safety and subsistence.

Christians must realize that if people are drawn to this God-fearing nation seeking refuge, then God will ultimately provide the means to not only take care of all of the incoming foreigners, but all of us natural born citizens as well.

Matthew R. Powenski