Abortion is murder and must be stopped

Wednesday marks the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, in which the Supreme Court threw out all boundaries of murder in the first degree by allowing a child’s life to be taken through abortion – more than 56 million to date.

According to the American Bar Association, the necessary elements that define first-degree murder are: intent (the specific intent to end a human life); deliberation and premeditation (time to form a conscious intent to kill, and then act on it after a reasonable person would second-guess the decision); and malice aforethought (this is essentially the same as a premeditated intent to kill, but with an extreme indifference for human life). All of these factors are present in the act of abortion.

The child lost to abortion is not the only victim. Countless women grieve for a lifetime their decision to choose abortion. Victims of peer and parental pressure feel powerless to make a life decision to spare their child. And lastly, women who enter into this nightmare by being misinformed.

Where are all the professed Christians who decry abortion, but remain silent? These same Christians keep blindly voting in politicians who pander to pro-choice liberals by keeping abortion a popular choice on Capitol Hill. What has been gained by this waste of humanity? How will it play out in history? It can go down no other way than the darkest of times. A fetus is a human requirement – the necessary beginning for every human being; orchestrated by the master builder. To end that life is nothing short of murder in the first degree.

Carol Sensabaugh

Niagara Falls