Will should descend from his lofty perch

After reading George Will’s snarky attempt to paint those who favor a gradual increase in the minimum wage as ones in whom “the milk of human kindness flows by the quart,” I wish to lend support to those people who have education and expertise but work in positions that have only seen increases in the hourly wage when the government institutes an increase in the minimum wage.

Employers enjoy the services of these employees who bring their undergraduate degrees, skill sets and experience to the work – they tout their value to the institution. But the minimum wage they earn does not go far in repaying student loans. These individuals do not stand in unemployment lines waiting for positions commensurate with their qualifications. They often serve people who need their gifts, talents and exemplary character. And they regard their work as meaningful and supportive of the larger community. But to do so they must add to their crammed schedule another part-time position – as, perhaps, a barista or retail clerk – to afford gas, car repairs/insurance, rent, utilities, food and child care.

From his lofty perch, Will employs his “economic indicators” and flaunts his writing dexterity to chide government’s intent to require institutions to confront the need to increase the minimum wage. He might want to get out more and visit with these minimum wage earners. Or on Christmas morning he might find his stocking filled with lumps of bituminous coal.

Connie Tsujimoto

East Aurora