When will America take care of its own?

The News recently had an article about schools sending food on weekends and holidays to homes of needy children to ensure that they (and others in their family) have nutritious meals. This is the United States, not a Third World country. What a disgrace! What is wrong with those who are governing this country? They gladly send billions of dollars to other countries, which is acceptable if they take care of their own first, but when you have such a situation right here at home, it is unconscionable. Our legislators see no problem with this. They go blissfully on their way, apparently unconcerned, since they don’t have to worry where their next meal may come from.

On a recent segment of “60 Minutes,” it was shown how “our employees,” the politicians who supposedly represent us, are able to manipulate campaign funds to their own advantage. They talk about taking away “entitlements” from the average American while enjoying the many that they have. Perhaps if we held them to transparency on their activities, we would see who really receives the true entitlements. But not much could be done about it since they make the laws and heaven forbid they take pay cuts or are forced to reduce their benefits.

Perhaps a change is in order. If the president can only serve two terms, why not apply the same principle to the other legislators? Cut the strings. Cut the gerrymandering. Cut the ruling and govern!

John Tomaschko