What’s wrong with not wanting to offend others?

So here we are again – another December and another religious group running roughshod over other religious groups. In a recent letter, the writer states that she can’t find Christmas cards that reflect the meaning of Christmas. She says the selection of religious cards is limited. I find that difficult to believe. There are many shops that carry Christian, religious-themed cards.

She berates political correctness in that we should not wish others “Happy Holidays.” She seems to think that everyone in the world is Christian and does not realize that all Christian holidays were morphed from Pagan holidays in the first place.

By demanding that greeting cards should not say “Happy Holidays,” she refuses to accept and acknowledge that other people have festivities in December. She correctly deduces that political correctness means to not offend someone. What is wrong with not wanting to offend someone?

I suggest that she take her whining and put it to a better use; complain about the rampant greed and boastful pride displayed concerning Christmas. The Black Friday debacles of pushing, shoving, fighting and stealing other people’s gifts are disgusting.

She also should learn that political correctness actually means respect – respect for people who do not look like you, think like you or worship a different way than you. The Constitution grants us freedom of religion, and that means freedom for all religions, not just a select one or two.

Ruth B. Pace