We need to embrace joys of Thanksgiving

It’s happening again this year. It happens every year. Where is Thanksgiving? Somewhere sandwiched between a vampire costume and Santa? Crushed between Booze Wednesday and Black Friday? Some are now calling it Brown Thursday. Seriously? What a shame! We’ve all but forgotten Thanksgiving. This pristine holiday deserves to be lauded, with family and friends sharing time together and recalling all for which we are thankful.

And what ever happened to giving thanks? Let’s remember to say thank you for kindnesses done: a door left open, a wave to go ahead in traffic, a dropped parcel picked up, etc. It will make life much happier for the giver and the receiver.

So let’s restore this recessive holiday and celebrate it for all that it was meant to be. Take time to enjoy and embrace all it has to offer, allowing nothing to overshadow its importance, simplicity and beauty. I wish you a blessed, happy Thanksgiving.

Josephine L. Saia