We need new approach to education in Buffalo

While reading the continuing saga of the former Holy Angels School, purchased by Carl Paladino’s corporation, I found it brilliant that the McGuire Group now has a vested interest. With that in mind, I have a great idea. Why don’t Paladino and James Dentinger, president of McGuire Development, start their own school? Both of them are exceptional businessmen and know how to run any business they choose. Just as Terry Pegula of the Sabres tosses out millions for arenas, etc., Paladino and Dentinger could afford to leave their legacies in the name of education for the City of Buffalo.

They would put people in charge who are competent as well as effective. They would hire a principal who knows how to run a school and hire teachers who can really teach. If teachers or students don’t measure up, they get the boot. As a recently retired public high school teacher, it seems to me that way too many school administrators have very little or no real outside world experience regarding business in general or the handling of personnel. Paladino and Dentinger would run this school as a business. There is no doubt it would flourish, just as their respective firms already do. By the way, if this happens, would you please send me an application?

Joseph Mankowski