U.S. does not ‘cave’ to Israeli demands

In a Sept. 4 letter, “U.S. should stay out of mess in Syria,” a writer states his opposition to any involvement in the Syrian civil war. Based upon current circumstances, I would tend to agree. However, not based upon the “reasons” of this particular writer, who is not factual and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He gives two “reasons” for his conclusion: a need to develop an alternative to dependence on Middle Eastern oil, and to stand up to the “powerful Israeli lobby” in the United States. Apparently, he doesn’t know that known resources for oil and gas in North America are greater than in Saudi Arabia, and U.S. reliance on Middle Eastern oil is shrinking, monthly. The only thing standing in the way of full utilization of U.S. resources is politics.

The writer states that the United States should not “cave” to Israel’s demands and should stop “fighting wars for that nation.” Really? I challenge him to state an instance where the United States has caved to Israeli demands. That is a myth. Historical fact shows that it is the Israelis who ultimately accommodate U.S. demands (for example, no Israeli response to Iraqi scuds fired in the first gulf war). And which wars did the United States fight for Israel? The answer is none. Any military involvement in the Middle East has been based upon the interests of the United States, not Israel. Only the ill-informed would suggest otherwise.

Let me conclude by quoting former Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan: “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.”

James Sterman

East Amherst