Town Board hurting Tonawanda residents

The Democrat-controlled Tonawanda Town Board has had ample opportunity to show that it can cut costs effectively without compromising services to the citizens. It has failed to do that time and time again over the past decade.

This year, taxpayers will see a minute property tax decrease, but only because of the election-year smoke-and-mirrors tricks being played by this board. Expenses are said to have gone up as much as $1 million in just health care expenses, yet there is a tax decrease? If that’s the case, what services are being compromised? Something’s missing, and if you ask our town police force, it’s two additional officers who had their positions cut.

There are other ways this board has let us taxpayers down. For instance, there is the $250,000-a-year state-of-the-art time and attendance system, which was purchased three years ago and is now sitting dormant. No one knows why it’s not being used, so that money looks to have been wasted. Then there is the Parker-Fries sewer project, which was to cost $18 million. Suddenly, the cost shot up to $40 million, with more than $20 million in no-bid change orders. Why did this happen? No one on the board will say.

Instead of a hocus-pocus “tax cut,” why not move to level off the difference between homestead and non-homestead tax rates? This is one of the biggest reasons why so many businesses say, “thanks, but no thanks” to creating jobs and a growing tax base in our community. It’s time for smart, prudent spending of our taxes, not reckless disregard for residents and their hard-earned dollars.

Michael Interdonato

Town of Tonawanda