Support local crafters and buy American goods

What’s up? There is so much talk about buying American that we might be overlooking a market that is really American made. There was a day when craft shows were everywhere and folks flocked to them to buy handmade items. There was a value to the home-grown product. The prices were affordable, crafters took great pride in their work and customers had the comfort of knowing that their purchase was of high quality and unique.

So where is the “American made” buyer now? I’ve been in this business for 10 years. Folks tell me that my product is gorgeous and underpriced, not available in any store, but they walk on without buying. I am not alone.

Come on, you cannot have it both ways. When you buy imports at big-box stores, your gift recipients know well that you got it at a big-box store on sale (they watch the sales, too).

Crafters do not get paid. They do not figure their time into their product; you could not afford it if they did. American crafters make a modest profit on the materials they use to create their products. Even importers cannot say that. So where are you, buyers?

Becky Albright