State should redevelop property in West Seneca

I’m trying to make people aware of the waste of taxpayer money and the missed opportunities for the state to make money.

On East and West Road in West Seneca, in the former State Developmental Center of Western New York, more than 200 acres of buildings with wood shops, metal shops and various other maintenance and office buildings are not being used. There is the Feinstein Building, which I have been told houses a hospital. There is a building with a chapel and offices. There are thousands of square feet of living quarters not being used. There are also houses on Leydecker and East and West roads that are not being used and are deteriorating rapidly. All of this property is still maintained by the state.

I have reported this to Sen. Patrick Gallivan’s office with little satisfaction. There are great opportunities for this property, such as a young adult retention center – rehabilitation in place of prison. It could also be an incubation center for young businesses leasing office space. The houses on adjoining roads could be sold to bring in property taxes. The number of state vehicles on the premises is way out of line with its use.

I believe this whole thing deserves investigation. Maybe this property could be put to good use.

Daniel J. Ertl

Orchard Park