Sign was appropriate after Schwabl’s crash

I can’t believe what I read in The News about the accident at Schwabl’s restaurant in West Seneca. Apparently, the driver’s nephew thinks it’s insensitive for the owner of that establishment to display a notice in front of the restaurant that read, “Closed due to careless driving; We’ll be back as soon as possible.”

The nephew thinks, rightly so, that everything can be repaired. No one can dispute that. However, 27 people are out of work and will not be paid while repairs are being made – all during the holiday season. Does the nephew have any idea how these workers will get paid for missed work?

Perhaps the owner of the restaurant should post a sign stating that the damage was done by a “careful” driver. Apparently the car hit the building with such force that it moved it from its foundation. A car doing 20 to 30 mph cannot do that much damage. The driver reportedly was charged with imprudent speed and other violations. And people object to the sign? Let’s call a spade a spade. The driver was not driving carefully when she hit the building. I, for one, applaud the owner of Schwabl’s for posting the sign.

Philip Fanone

West Seneca