Show some compassion for driver injured in crash

The recent accident, and I stress the word accident, by an elderly woman was unfortunate. In addition to causing a restaurant to close for repairs, it caused extensive injuries to the driver.

The damage to the restaurant will no doubt be covered by insurance and the injured driver will be facing a long healing process. But in the midst of all this is the insensitivity shown by the owner of the restaurant who put up a sign stating that his business was closed “due to careless driving.” This was an accident, but the owner, defending the sign, states: “I think I have a damn right to be insensitive. I didn’t ask for this.” Well, I don’t think any one of us asks for an accident to happen, do we?

I didn’t see anything in The News article about the owner asking what the condition of the driver was, only that his business will suffer. In addition, he questioned whether the driver, because of her age, should have been driving at all. That statement is going to go over great with the majority of his patrons, who are elderly. He should observe what goes on behind the wheel of younger drivers. They tweet, use cellphones and text. My wife and I even observed a young woman adjusting her pony tail while going through a red light with both hands off the wheel.

This accident didn’t occur because the driver was elderly, but because it was simply that – an accident. It seems that whenever an accident involves an elderly driver, the cry goes out to get them off the road. I wish the driver a speedy recovery and hope that, in the spirit of the season, the restaurant owner finds it in his heart to forgive her.

Donald Gaydos

West Seneca