Schroeder merits praise, not criticism, over audit

Let me get this straight, because I am very distressed and confused about good government and the reporting of such.

The City of Buffalo recently conducted an audit, and it was uncovered and presented that the operators of the Erie Basin Marina may have been ripping off taxpayers. Yet a recent letter writer criticized Comptroller Mark Schroeder for bringing it to light!

The News also reported that Brand-On’s operations director earned “hours and hours of overtime during some of the marina’s busiest days” as a city employee, and that he signed off on his own city time sheets.

This type of behavior confirms some of the worst suspicions about city government. For too long, vendors and employees have used the city as their own personal piggy bank.

Kudos to Schroeder and his office for exposing this vendor and demanding that the city be paid back what it is owed. His leadership, diligence and mind-set are exactly what our great city needs.

Michael Skotarczak