SAFE Act is trying to protect citizens

I was pleased to see the Dec. 9 letter in support of the NY SAFE Act. The writer obviously understands the intent behind the SAFE Act – to protect us, and contribute toward a safer community, while still allowing sane, responsible gun owners to have their guns.

Keep in mind that the SAFE Act was passed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The act bans possession of any high-capacity magazines regardless of where they were made or sold, among other provisions. This certainly does not protect criminals, as some people seem to think.

The Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, was not a criminal. Neither was his mother (the purchaser of Adam’s guns), who was described as a gun enthusiast who legally owned at least a dozen firearms. The shooter fired between 50 and 100 shots. If the SAFE Act had been in effect in Connecticut then, Lanza would not have been able to arm her son to this extent, and the end of the Newtown story might have been different.

I am grateful to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is helping to keep us safe.

Coleen Hanna