Restaurateur’s sign was in very poor taste

As soon as I heard the news of the accident at Schwabl’s and the immediate concerns of the present owner, I was forced to visit my memories of this restaurant and the management style of the Schwabl family. Ray Schwabl was not only the proprietor, he is a gentleman of the first order. His staff stayed with him for many years, many past the norm for senior citizenship. The restaurant was run like a fine private club, but always welcoming to new customers. The charm was the old-fashioned way business was conducted.

Fast forward to the accident. The initial worry was “this is our busiest time of the year.” What about: I hope the elderly lady is all right. Or, our prayers are with the elderly lady who was hurt. Or, we are covered by insurance, I hope the lady is all right.

Putting up damning signs about the driver, and worrying about elders’ ability to drive when you own a restaurant that catered for years to an elderly clientele and supported a staff of the same, seems to me to be rather in poor taste.

An advertisement on TV and in local theaters shows this restaurant’s 150-year history. The clock was reset when the business was sold.

Paul J. Ziolkowski