Responsible gun owners can help reduce crime

In the Nov. 1 issue of The News was the story, “Two robbers shot in holdup get prison.” It noted that a man was able to stop two thieves who had just robbed his son of money and jewelry. People who argue for more gun laws may want to consider stories like this before they place all gun owners into a pool with criminals.

Many gun owners are very responsible and if it weren’t for concealed-carry permits, we would be reading a different story. The man would have been robbed of his money and jewelry. The fact that some people feel nobody should be able to possess a gun is absurd. The more restrictions placed on guns and where we can possess them, the less likely it is someone will have a chance of defending himself or herself from a criminal.

States with the toughest gun laws, like Michigan, tend to have higher crime rates than states like Texas, which has a very pro-gun attitude. The right to defend ourselves was written into our Constitution for a reason.

Judge Kenneth F. Case, who sentenced the two robbers, kindly reminded them “that there are people out there who are licensed to carry weapons to defend themselves from criminals.” I believe the more people who are armed with guns, the more reminders criminals will have to think about before committing a crime.

A few simple gun laws, like background checks, are necessary. But when do laws become nothing more than a punishment to law-abiding citizens? The New York SAFE Act does nothing more than make it harder for responsible gun owners to protect themselves. Criminals will always have guns, but will we? Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act eventually have a negative effect on New Yorkers’ security?

Aaron Berfield