Reimburse SPCA now for costs of horse care

I have some comments about the Beth Lynne Hoskins case. The defense accused the SPCA Serving Erie County of seizing the horses for publicity and to make money. Anyone involved with horses knows there is no money in selling horses in this economy. Horses aren’t selling well at auction and people all over the country turn horses loose because they cannot afford them, give them away or sell them.

Hoskins was very upset about Gracie, her daughter’s horse, dying while in the care of the SPCA. Hoskins was able to choose which 40 horses were returned to her and she didn’t choose Gracie.

When will the judge rule on the money she owes the SPCA? She should have been paying the same amount if the horses were in her care. How is this fair to the SPCA when it had already been ruled that Hoskins would reimburse the SPCA? Why is the SPCA being punished for rescuing neglected horses?

Ann Jewett

East Aurora