Ramirez’s cartoon stoops to a new low

Michael Ramirez’s caricature on Thanksgiving of a Pilgrim thankful he doesn’t have the Affordable Care Act, pejoratively called “Obamacare,” (I have “Johnsoncare” myself) reached a new low in his usual vitriol. Never mind that 50 percent of Pilgrims died the first winter. Does he infer that death is preferable to health insurance? The part of our brain we share with the reptiles is devoid of compassion, logic and humor, which, to me, quite defines the editorial “cartoons” of Ramirez.

Similar nonsense has appeared in political cartoons opposed to every social improvement of the last 200 years. In the 1930s, we decided it was foolish to let people go hungry in a nation that could easily feed all. In the next decade, I predict we shall complete the task begun in the mid ’60s to give everyone access to health insurance. Fifty years from now, history will have forgotten the naysayers as we have conveniently forgotten the Supreme Court’s gutting of the New Deal.

Ross Markello