Ramirez is clueless about Thanksgiving

I was quite disappointed at the editorial cartoon choice made by the editors on Thanksgiving Day, a day given to reflecting on the many blessings of life we celebrate in our country. Instead, I find a cartoon by Michael Ramirez that mocks the sense of blessings in order to carry forth another attack that he and his colleagues continue to make on a highly partisan issue. And he shows that he just doesn’t get the point of Thanksgiving.

Rather, we get an upset stomach – unlike the first Thanksgiving participants he caricatures, who have received from their neighbors a gift of needed sustenance. In fact, if those we call the Pilgrims had not had as neighbors their first year in Plymouth a people who were concerned about the health and welfare of others, they may not have survived to be our ancestors.

So, no, they didn’t have “Obamacare.” But that was not their blessing. But maybe they had something close to it in those days – compassion for those in need. The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, or even final. But maybe it is another step in re-enacting the Patuxet and Wampanoag people’s concern for their neighbors. Could it even be an act of loving our neighbor as ourself? That, to me, is a better way to observe Thanksgiving Day than this unending partisan rant we continue to read in The News.

Amos Acree