President is either incompetent or a liar

One little dot at the end of a declarative sentence – the most humble and common of punctuation marks – has become a major stumbling block for President Obama. “If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan, period. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period.”

When spoken and used as a definitive ending to a thought or perhaps as a means to dismiss alternative possibilities, the word “period” becomes tyrannical. The interpretation is crystal clear, the word “period” has a single irreducible meaning, i.e., over, fini, nothing to be added, nothing to be taken away, nothing more to discuss.

We now know that the president’s statements were not accurate. One’s sense of logic, therefore, poses an unavoidable question. Was the president aware that his statements were incorrect? When he made his remarks, the president was on the stump trying to sell his health care plan to the American people. The stakes were very high. Remember, the health care plan is his signature legislation and its passage was extremely important to his presidency.

If Obama knew that his comments were not true, there is but one conclusion. If he was not aware of the inaccuracy of his statements, the question becomes and begs for an answer: How is it possible for the president to be so uninformed in an area of critical importance to his plan and to the welfare of the people? The answer to either question is cause for alarm, period.

Nicholas D. Mecca