Pope’s perspective is a breath of fresh air

A recent article on Pope Francis’ embracing dynamic toward humanity has some Catholics up in arms. Relax, Catholics! Francis isn’t changing doctrine here, he’s simply saying to love one another as yourself, a basic rule of Christianity and the man himself, Jesus, the basis of your faith.

A concerned Catholic wrote that she was “afraid” the pope was sending the message to “get closer to the disenfranchised and the poor” (you mean like Jesus did?), and to be more loving and accepting of others no matter their path in life (hmm, you mean like Jesus did with sinners, criminals and the poor?). Ease up a little, everyone. Loving another human being doesn’t mean you are accepting or approving of something he may be living or doing; you are embracing him as a human being. Our role is not to judge; God will do the judging.

In the meantime, Francis’ outlook is a breath of fresh air – non-judgmental, non-smug, loving and accepting. Now remember, “scared Catholics,” this doesn’t mean you’re agreeing or approving of others’ lifestyles or choices; you’re simply living the basic rule Jesus himself set out for you – love one another as yourself. How many “sheep” might come back to the “flock” if loving arms were waiting for them rather than a judging peer down the nose? Yes, I am Catholic.

Donna Wode

West Seneca