Perhaps there’s still hope for shrinking government

Has someone changed the light bulbs at The Buffalo News? It’s one thing when a conservative columnist such as Charles Krauthammer coincidentally belittles Adam Zyglis (regarding the recent diplomacy/nuclear reaction cartoon) as he did in his recent column by observing “better diplomacy than war, say Obama’s apologists, an adolescent response implying that all diplomacy is the same.”

It is another when columnist Ruth Marcus, in the Dec. 9 News, writes: “No thinking liberal can look at the debacle of the Obamacare rollout and fail to wonder whether those of us who believe in the capacity of government to tackle huge societal problems have deluded ourselves.”

The same day’s editorial page then calls for free markets to decide a local matter. Now, if The News could just stop cheerleading for ideas such as the last major proposal from Rep. Brian Higgins – a $1.2 trillion, second bite at the stimulus apple infrastructure boondoggle charge-carded to the next generation – and get on board with cost-cutter extraordinaire Rep. Chris Collins and his agenda, then Santa is truly ahead of schedule.

Maybe tax activist Grover Norquist was right after all, when he said he’d like to shrink the federal government down to the size where he could “drown it in the bathtub.”

Jeff Flint