People must speak up, help protect animals

In response to the letter from the executive director of the SPCA Serving Erie County, I also would like to implore Gov. Andrew Cuomo to promptly authorize the waiting legislation that will empower communities to use true compassion to regulate animal breeders and pet stores.

There is no other business so vile and inhuman as to force-breed innocent animals to achieve profit goals set by alleged animal lovers. These breeding animals suffer through lives totally devoid of compassion, affection or even basic human decency. These animals spend their lives in wire crates drinking dirty water, eating the worst of foods and never being treated like the companion animals that they are. Grooming is non-existent in most of these puppy mills, and dogs sometimes suffer burns from being forced to sleep in their own urine and feces.

These innocent animals need true, compassionate human beings to be their voice. I have three dogs and three cats and they are all a part of my family. Animals deserve care and consideration as much as anyone else.

Tim Ostrander