Patients are top priority at Lake Shore Hospital

“Can I still have my surgery at Lake Shore Hospital?”

“Is the hospital still equipped to do my X-rays?”

“It’s so convenient to have my blood drawn close to home. Can I still have it done at Lake Shore?”

“If my family has an emergency, can the ambulance still go directly to Lake Shore?”

There is only one answer to the above questions. Yes! In spite of the Oct. 16 announcement of our possible closing, we continue to welcome our patients and care for them in the same professional and expert manner that we have always provided.

The overwhelming show of support exhibited on Oct. 28 by first responders and members of the Lake Shore family demonstrates our high level of commitment to Lake Shore Hospital.

Our hope is that a generous, community-oriented group will purchase Lake Shore Health Care Center so we can continue to serve this community in the much-needed way that we so willingly do.

Jean Ralston, R.N.