Opposition to SAFE Act is widespread, growing

Ah, the NY SAFE Act. A law enacted in the middle of the night under the message of necessity by a handful of politicians with agendas that will never be known. From the beginning I have posed a question: “What factual or historical studies have been reviewed to determine that the provisions within the SAFE Act would help to reduce gun violence?”

I posed that question at the State Police meeting in January in Clarence, and I have had that question sitting in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office ever since. After many calls and letters, the silence is deafening. Could this be solely due to the fact that he has no good answer to support his position? Combine this with the fact that gun violence in America is at a 20-year low ( and it makes one wonder what true motivations were behind the passing of this unconstitutional law.

Now fast forward 10 months and we find that the facts behind the SAFE Act opposition are still vastly unknown to many. Fact: 52 of the 62 counties in New York State have sent letters of resolution to the governor voicing opposition. Fact: The New York State Sheriffs’ Association has sent a letter outlining its opposition to the SAFE Act. Fact: The governor’s own Albany Police Department sent a very strong letter of opposition to Cuomo and, I quote, “Condemns and opposes the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act.” Combine this with the growing awareness that rank-and-file state troopers also oppose the SAFE Act and I have to ask the question: If these facts were brought to the attention of the general public, how long would the SAFE Act last?

So there we have it in its simplest form. Overwhelming opposition by experienced personnel who are in a position to offer qualified opinions versus a handful of politicians with an unknown agenda.

Donald F. Hey