Offer large apartments at Gates Circle complex

Wouldn’t it be great if there was input from seniors for the new senior housing planned for the former Millard Fillmore Hospital at Gates Circle, especially if that project receives tax breaks?

Most senior housing is made up of miniature rooms, a teeny dining space, a teeny bedroom or two, a teeny living room and little or no storage.

Personally, I am holding out for a 600- to 900-square-foot apartment or condo with an open floor plan and storage. I’m old, not dead. I still decorate for holidays, and need to store my decorations. I travel and need a place for suitcases. And I have a warm weather wardrobe and winter wardrobe and need storage space.

And shouldn’t all senior housing be handicapped accessible? Once I have made a move from house to apartment, I don’t want to have to move again because I can’t get around.

Gates Circle has one thing going for it that most senior housing doesn’t – it’s in a walkable community.

Donna Sundell