Obama’s supporters get what they deserve

I listened to Kathleen Sebelius’ testimony before Congress on Oct. 30 and could not have been more disgusted. I did hear her take ultimate responsibility for the Obamacare website’s woes, but that doesn’t even matter. The administration had three years and many millions of dollars and still couldn’t get it right, despite being told it wasn’t ready. I had to laugh when she apologized to the American people and said, “You deserve better than this.”

I personally certainly deserve better than this, as I had the good sense not to vote for the incompetent lightweight who is presently our president. However, anyone who voted for President Obama, or who stayed home and didn’t vote for John McCain and Mitt Romney – the honorable, qualified and capable candidates the Republicans ran in the last two elections – deserves exactly the utter chaos that is not only Obamacare, but nearly everything else this administration has done.

The litany of “accomplishments” of this administration, from the merely foolish like Cash for Clunkers, to the economically unjustifiable like the auto industry bailout – which was just a reward to the auto unions for delivering the vote to Obama – to the truly tragic, like the Benghazi massacre, have shown this president to be a highly capable politician who is in way over his head as the leader of the free world. Those who bear any responsibility for his election, either by voting for him or not voting at all, are getting what they deserve. I just wish the rest of us didn’t have to suffer along with them.

Chuck Godfrey