Obama’s incompetence is hurting our country

Here we go again. We’re about to engage in a “little, limited war” in the Middle East in order to save the long-lost credibility and dignity of a clueless and incompetent president. His waffling and indecision has antagonized our allies and generated scorn and laughter against the United States from barbaric Third World countries.

President Obama is commander-in-chief of our over-extended military, for whom he has little regard, but won’t hesitate to put in harm’s way if he feels it necessary. (No boots on the ground? Maybe a little?)

His actions are explained and supported by our intrepid Secretary of State John Kerry, who has a history of being less than candid about his own military experience.

Obama’s decision to engage Congress for a resolution to attack Syria is just a self-serving way to slither out from under the responsibility of involving the United States in a no-win situation, although he said he’d attack Syria without such a resolution. For someone who supposedly was a constitutional law professor, he seems to view the Constitution only as a poorly conceived list of suggestions.

In five short years, Obama has managed to achieve his original purpose of bringing our formerly strong and proud country to a pale copy of socialist Europe. With his background of bad or fatal decisions – Solyndra, Benghazi, Affordable Care Act, Keystone pipeline, GM bailout in favor of the unions, failed stimulus, depressing economy, on and on and on, can we spell impeachment?

Rosanne McKee

Grand Island