Obama wisely discarding worthless health policies

I disagree with the Nov. 6 News editorial accusing President Obama of “deceit.” His oft-repeated sound bite telling Americans that “… if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it” may have been an incomplete assurance, but it is far from deceit.

I worked for Primerica Financial Service (former parent company of Citi Group). Primerica agents are trained to root out junk, whole life insurance policies and replace them with inexpensive term insurance. Policy holders are usually flabbergasted to discover that the whole life policy they have been paying on for years is often designed to implode when they reach retirement age. The “savings” element of the policy would often diminish, year after year, to zero. If and when that happened, the policy automatically terminated, leaving the hapless owner with no life insurance when he or she needed it the most.

For a half century junk, whole life policies were the backbone of the life insurance industry.

The president’s Affordable Care Act forces the health insurance industry to discard junk health policies that don’t meet minimum standards. The editorial writers call that “deceit”; I call that great progress. Try to imagine the poor souls who are diagnosed with cancer, then discover that the health policy they depended on won’t cover the treatments. That’s deceit, if not evil. But with Obamacare, those days are gone forever. Hurray!

Bob Catalano