Obama has only himself to blame for current mess

This is a response to the letter, “Time to oust extremists and find middle ground,” in the Dec. 4 edition of The News. The writer says we need “moderates” in Washington, D.C., and specifically blames Republicans for trying to tarnish the reputation of our current president – as if he needs any help in doing that himself.

With millions of cancellation letters, glitchy websites and sticker shock abounding, the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s signature legislation and the cornerstone of his “reputation,” is already under attack from all sides, including many of his own party members.

It is not “moderates” we need more of in D.C., it’s less of the elitist, “I know better than you” attitude espoused by the writer and the rest of the Washington crowd, Democrats and Republicans alike. Perhaps if he and many like him had listened to all those “embittered, bigoted, angry and selfish” extremists he so derides, things wouldn’t be as bad as he claims.

Brett Dumain