Luxury home builder has skewed priorities

I read with disgust the Nov. 3 News article, “Luxury home market booms.” In both his photo and interview, Kevin Myszka of Regency Builders displays the sort of mindless, delusional avarice that drives the development of high-end suburban “communities.”

Myszka asks, “What better way to get rid of the land than by building houses on it?” This statement made my jaw drop.

Land is not something that needs to be gotten rid of. It is not something that “needs to be developed.” The environmental and sociological damage caused by suburban sprawl is well-documented. Buying up thousands of acres and covering them with energy-sucking “starter castles” with three-SUV garages for the affluent and tasteless is not a duty. It is a display of dangerous, monumental greed.

Dave Chipps