Licensed home inspectors follow stringent rules here

The article appearing in The News on Dec. 2 titled: “Is your inspector working for you or for your real estate agent?” requires clarification, especially in New York State. This article is from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Pennsylvania, where home inspectors are not licensed. Home inspectors must be licensed in New York to perform home inspections. Article 12B, Home Inspectors Professional License Law has clear standards of practice and code of ethics regarding home inspections and inspectors.

Specifically, home inspectors cannot repair any house after inspecting it, and cannot inspect any home in which the inspector, a partner or a relative has a financial interest, including the receipt of any commission as an agent. Home inspectors are not allowed to be included on a list of “recommended” inspectors or “preferred” providers or any similar arrangement. Professional home inspectors are not concerned with securing referrals by anyone with a financial interest in the property. We get the majority of our referrals from past clients.

I take issue with Bruce McClure’s statement, “Too many home inspectors turn a blind eye to serious issues with a house to help close the deal.” Professional home inspectors work for their client only, and always have their best interest at heart. We are compensated for our service whether the house sells or not. A home inspection does not “make or break” a real estate transaction. The condition of the property determines that. We provide our clients with information that they use in determining if they should purchase the house.

Although being a member of a professional home inspector organization shows that your home inspector takes his profession seriously, other factors like experience, background and training should also be considered. The client should also ensure that the inspector and referral source is completely independent of the real estate transaction.

David A. Clark

President, New York State

Association of Home Inspectors