Let’s move politics back to the center

In response to the Nov. 12 Another Voice, “Confessions of a Republican fearing for his party,” I guess you can call me a DINO (Democrat in Name Only) since I, too, hold most of the same values as Brian Fitzpatrick. I believe in smaller government, fewer taxes and less intrusion.

I was a Republican all of my voting life until President George W. Bush invaded Iraq for what I perceived as, at best, badly misguided reasons, and, at worst, morally corrupt stupidity. I immediately changed my party registration to Democrat so as to not be associated in any way with his policies and philosophy.

I was actually a member of that extinct species, a moderate Republican, before the switch and would be happy to find a home there again. I hope that Fitzpatrick’s ideas can take hold, before the country is torn apart by the extreme forces pulling it from the left and the right.

Frank Needham