Let’s hope Delaware North continues to back Buffalo

Although I currently live in Eau Claire, Wis., I want to support construction of Delaware North Cos.’ new world headquarters in downtown Buffalo. I grew up in Buffalo as the youngest in an Albanian, immigrant family. My father settled in the City of Good Neighbors with only hope and a desire to financially succeed. The American Dream was achieved.

As a writer, I found myself recently creating a story about the early days of my father’s and his brothers’ wholesale tobacco and candy business that began around 1907. My story was called, “Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jacks and … A Taste of Buffalo History.” My dad used to tell me, “I didn’t know much English, but I’d run up and down the aisles in the theater shouting, ‘Peanuts, popcorn….’ ” Some in the family have told me that on the other side of the aisle was one of the Jacobs brothers.

Interestingly, as I gathered original research for my piece, I came across a 1954 Mason Mint candy jobber publication that featured an article on “Tzetzo Bros., Inc.” as it came to be known. Our first building was at 452 Pearl St. behind Shea’s theater. We had a restaurant and hotel on that same strip where entertainers would stop. Thus, our family business became not only a sense of place but felt like home.

Since my story began, the business has become Wythe Will Tzetzo. While my family is no longer in it, the headquarters will be in Tonawanda with a new factory and more jobs added. I was happy to hear this news. Furthermore, I hope that a giant business like Delaware North Cos. will remain local and back Buffalo – a city that has provided opportunity.

Barbara Tzetzo Gosch

Eau Claire, Wis.