Let’s form new party to fix our government

The seemingly biggest reason for such dislike of both major parties is that they are being pulled by their respective extremes – and they’re both wrong. Democrats, led by the liberal left, insist on solving the ills of the world, no matter how impractical or costly, while the Republican right has to be pulled by normal progress away from a comfortable yesteryear.

This latest sequester/health care mess so typifies this. President Obama, despite knowing that his Affordable Care Act was an impending disaster, refused to negotiate when simply slowing down the start of the law would make him appear magnanimous while temporarily stopping this ill-thought-out debacle. Speaker John Boehner, on the other hand, had to look tough and not compromise, instead of pulling an Obama, voting “present” and placing entirely the ownership of the ACA train wreck on the administration.

Our dilemma is “how to fix it?” A third party isn’t the answer. So, not knowing the legality of multiparty membership, I would like to propose another kind of party, a non-ideological party, that would not be on the ballot but that would accept the membership of anyone, regardless of actual affiliation, to set some principles that must be followed in order to receive our endorsement. Ignore social issues and concentrate solely on fixing our government. Things like term limits, political contributions, stopping lobbyists from writing laws, turning unused campaign funds over to the Treasury – there are so many abuses that must be fixed.

I therefore suggest forming the Network Party. One that concentrates solely on fixing government by ordinary people and whose motto will be: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Dominic J. Verso