Let the sun shine on city’s renaissance

Everyone paying attention in the region knows Buffalo is experiencing a sort of renaissance. A few projects fitting this label include renovation of the Lafayette Hotel and H.H. Richardson Towers, resurrection of the Olmsted grounds design at the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, expansion of the medical campus and construction of a new hotel and ice rinks in front of the hockey arena downtown. It’s marvelous and wonderful to have these projects done or in progress. They aren’t promises of a renaissance – they make one.

There’s another, quieter renaissance going on. There are over 60 buildings the Catholic Diocese has equipped with solar panels in Western New York. These panels come with financial support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, and bring savings on the buildings’ energy bills. But wait. The solar company can set up software for the school building so that students can learn about the renewable energy source on top of their building. This renewable source of energy will reduce carbon in the atmosphere, and perhaps help save our students from the worst ravages of climate change, which is already clouding their future.

Every building in the area can be part of our solar renaissance. These projects can then create green union jobs that don’t get eliminated when the gas runs out. Let the sun shine on our renaissance.

Richard Steinberg