Legislators should vote to keep Erie County safe

As The News reported on Dec. 3, “Final public hearing held on fracking procedures ban,” the Erie County Legislature is considering banning the use of fracking wastewater on Erie County roadways, banning the trucking in of fracking waste for treatment and banning fracking. In doing so, Erie County would join 15 other counties across the state.

I can’t understand why our county legislators would oppose this legislation. The oil and gas industries have avoided telling us what chemicals are in their fracking waste. But what we do know from the nearby states that have allowed fracking is that it causes mysterious health problems and water contamination.

Join us at 2 p.m. Thursday on the fourth floor of 92 Franklin St., when our legislators vote on whether to ban fracking on county-owned land. Our legislators should do the sensible thing and keep our county safe.

Frank Gage