Law already protects county-owned property

Erie County Legislator Joseph Lorigo is correct in stating, “We don’t need another invalid law,” in speaking about a law banning hydraulic fracturing on county-owned property.

In 1993, I was part of a group that was able to enact the Erie County Parks Protection Law. This law was designed to prevent any destruction of our parkland, under or above the ground.

It reads, in part: “Declaration of purpose. Erie County’s parks are an important resource for the benefit of the health and well being of the residents of this county. Parks are necessary for protection of air and water quality, to conserve habitat for wildlife and to provide recreational spaces for the people. It is the purpose of this Legislature, as trustee of the parks of this county, to assure that existing park lands are preserved for the purposes for which they have been dedicated and to preserve park lands for generations to come.”

Erie County already has legislation in place and fracking should be prohibited under this act. We don’t need another “invalid law” – just enforce what we have.

Sharen Trembath